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Media Player on Windows OS means VLC. I don't even remember since when I had been using VLC media player ...
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Top 10 Apps of 2017

The year 2017 saw a huge boom in the terms of technology and millions of new Android apps were added ...
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What is a Search Engine and how it works

Today, In this modern world one of the vital parts of a big reason for development in various sectors is ...
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What is SEO and Why should we use SEO?

There is a very famous English proverb “There’s no such thing as free lunch – TANSTAAFL”  Which means that anything that is offered ...
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Coming Out of the Shadows

Our Mission is to bring forward those untold or less popular stories of common people which are either forgotten or got suppressed in the mountain of files at some office or in the database of some website. We believe those stories are more motivating than the story of how a celebrity fought ankle sprain in top hospital in our country.

Each one Teach one

In a survey, it is found out that our youth is not interested in conventional 9-5 job. They want a job in which they are their own boss and Internet has the power to give you that. Keeping this in mind, Our Aim is to teach our readers to create a website both with proper illustration and relatable examples so that they can benefit from the internet and earn some money online by starting their own blog  or website. We will also teach you how to rank your website in search engines and other SEO tips and tricks for your website and blog growth.

Your Daily Driver

We also aim to provide our readers with the information about latest smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. We are here to use our experience to recommend you gadgets in the form of listicles. With the indian market seeing boom in gadgets market almost everyday a new smartphone is launched but is it good enough? We will tell you if it is worth your hard earned money.