Search Engine Optimization

As the world is getting developed and thus digital, every work is now turning into a digital platform through which they are getting much more easier to be accessed. Thus, Marketing has also became largely digital in lieu of the competitions among companies to be the best.

Hence a question arises,


The answer being:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), basically is a technique or a way involving various strategies through which a business can get a proper ranking and be more visible on a search engine’s result. It is one of those art which has become essentially important for a business to grow through online medium as it helps a website to achieve a good ranking on a search engine result page which is a vital part of a business to grow.                                                                    It helps as more and more users will get to know about the business after their queries matches with the keywords which the business is trying to sell out through.

SEO involves two sections , On-page activities and Off-page activities.

On page activities

It refers to the optimization of a particular web page to make it user friendly so that more and more people can explore the site and share it by having a positive perception about the site and its contents. On page activities generally includes those activities related to the site which can be modified  in order to get a positive view from the user.

In On page activities, there are certain factors also which decide whether a website is user friendly or not. These factors are often related to different guidelines a search engine which every website should follow.

In contrast to On page activities , there are Off page activities :

This relate to the promotional activities of the website. These promotional activities should be done on regular basis in form of ad posting and related activities  on good quality websites. The site can also have multiple blogs and articles focusing on the market they are targeting.

Thus, both On page and Off page are equally important to be done for a successful ranking on the search engine’s result.



SEO has became  one of the vital part of marketing that is mostly covered by big existing companies and also upcoming ones. The reason being:

One of the advantages of SEO is that it doesn’t involves much of financial liabilities for a company i.e. As other aspects of Digital Marketing involves financial support , SEO generally enjoys a credit to its name to be involving less money and more reliable in comparison to others

Another reason being :

In this era of Internet , people often accept and rely more on what they see on the search engine result (mostly Google) in comparison to the paid activities and other activities on platforms trying to seek their attention towards them.

“According to a survey from,  organic results (unpaid results) are 8.5x more likely to be clicked than paid result.”

Thus , SEO holds a key advantage over the other aspects of Digital Marketing in terms of generating traffic to the website.

Hence, for a business to grow , it is more important to be visible in front of a user’s eye when he/she searches something , rather than trying to attract them  through attractive advertisements which can surely bring in  some users but can’t do it frequently in favor of business.

Thus, It can be concluded that as the world gets more and more digital SEO is going to play a GIANT role in making a business grow and succeed online.