Search Engine


Today, In this modern world one of the vital part or a big reason for development in  various sectors is due to much more advanced way of sharing of Information. Sharing of Information makes it much more easier  for any advancement to be done and to take a giant step towards any goal. And we can say that the back bone of this Information Sharing system is “ Search Engine”.

Thus, A Web Search engine is typically designed for exploring and then taking out information  according to the queries of the user. A search Engine contains a database  full of different kinds of websites with their address and the purpose they serve. So, when a user looks for something , then the search engine acts as a mediator between the user and the targeted site and provides the user with some results in its result page , commonly known as “Search Engine Result Page”.

Importance of Search Engine

A search engine makes it much more easier for a user to reach out to a particular site having the desired information which he/she would have reached only if they had their exact address . For instance, if a user searches a query, then search engine provides a result to them having list of websites matching their queries.

An extra  advantage that user enjoys doesn’t has to pay anything extra for this service. Hence a search engine shortens the gap between a user and the information he wants to access.


                                        HOW SEARCH ENGINE WORKS???


There are three stages involved in working of search engine.

  • Crawling :

It  is nothing but scanning of a website and obtaining the various details about it, like the Title it contains , keywords it is targeting, images, various other links in the site etc. The process of crawling is done by  a web spider having a set of algorithms. It visits each page and crawls any updates or changes done in a website or any new website.

  • Indexing:

It is the process of listing or putting up the various websites which are being crawled in the large databases of search engines. The process means that every  website crawled needs to be put in a data base where it can be made available to be fetched if the user desires to explore the website through his queries.

  • Dispatching:

This last step involves putting up the result or we can say that the search engine tries to put up the most relevant result in return for a query put up by a user. The process is executed through a set of algorithms and depends on various factors according to which the ranking of website is given on the search engine result page.

Hence, Search Engine is the ultimate pillar of Information Sharing which not only connects the world with one another but also allows various opportunities to cash in through the information it provides.